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Storytelling is an art. And the story of you begins with your space.


Life Story Events & Interiors empowers you to discover and channel your personal design aesthetic into original, meaningful design concepts for your home, bringing the essence of you and your experiences – your life story – into your space.


Because our stories evolve with the moments and milestones that give life purpose, Life Story also creates multi-dimensional, customized experiences that capture the vast emotional landscape and beauty of life’s sweetest events. These experiences are like living, breathing snapshots or time capsules that become permanently etched in our souls long after the ink fades. And each is a narrative in and of itself.




My Story...

I'm a former ad girl with a lifelong affinity for design. I came upon design consulting organically, through life experiences and inspiration from family and friends. Having spent most of my creative career as an advertising copywriter, it felt not only natural, but like a calling, to channel this craft of storytelling and creative messaging into the physical spaces we call home, and as an extension, the moments and milestones in between.  


When my youngest child was born, I officially retired my pen to embrace motherhood. And when she began school in 2014, I picked up my color fan deck to embrace a life of design. 


I've had the privilege of collaborating on everything from weddings and 40th birthday celebrations to baby's first rooms and teen redesigns. From first homes to dream homes to lowcountry vacation homes, I have designed for every stage of life, helping clients curate and create beauty through authentic experiences and spaces that are a reflection of both who they are and what they want to see in the world. 


Let me help you tell your story. 

Memories & Milestones

Creative, compelling design that tells the story of you...

What's your story?

Mosmi Naik-Patel

239 Delahow Street

Charleston, South Carolina  29492

Tel: 803.361.6254


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